Business Contracts & Review in Erie, PA • Adam Williams

Attorney Williams has represented clients in drafting one-of-a-kind contracts to set the framework for business relationships and has assisted in drafting form contracts that businesses can use repeatedly. Attorney Williams also provides contract review services to analyze your company's current contracts and documents.

CONTRACTS - Contracts are an essential part of every business and having a properly executed contract can protect your rights and interests. 

Attorney Williams can assist you in preparing and reviewing business contracts, such as:

  • Sales Contracts
  • Business Purchase Agreements
  • Commercial Leases
  • Employment Contracts and Non-competes.
  • Shareholder and Partner Agreements
  • Other Business Documents

We represent a number of contractors in dealing the Pennsylvania’s rigorous Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act. Did you know that if you violate this Act, you may be responsible for paying three-times the consumer’s actual damages, as well as their attorney’s fees?

When advising clients, our goal is often to avoid a lawsuit (but when they do occur, our firm has extensive litigation experience). We review contracts, work with owners and management, mediate disputes, and get to know your business so that we can provide the best advice and counsel, and keep you profitable. When it comes to legal matters, it’s not good for you to learn from experience, unless that experience is ours.